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Fire Engineering

We offer innovative fire engineered solutions to achieve fire safety and statutory compliance. Engaging with the local Fire Safety and Building Control teams at the outset to secure early buy-in from all stakeholders involved means reduced risk and cost exposure.

In 15 years of producing fire safety strategies for over sized and complex buildings, we have never had a local Building Control or Fire Safety Officer disapprove our work. We do however receive compliments for the high quality of information we provide, and the way in which we engage with them throughout the process.

Our Services

Fire Safety Engineering | Fire Fighting Access & Pressurised Escape Routes | Zone Modelling & Dynamic Simulation | Escape Time Analysis | Emergency Lighting Design | Fire Alarm Design | Enforcement Notice Management & Mitigation | Building Regulations & Technical Standards Compliance Work

Case Study

Fire Enforcement Works, B&M Retail | Grimsby

On the back of managing the M&E, Fire+ CDMC services for B&M Retail’s move to its’ new 600,000 sq ft headquarters and national distribution centre in Liverpool, Tate Consulting were asked to deal with Fire Enforcement works for B&M Retail at their retail unit on a busy retail park in Grimsby.

Unbeknown to B&M, the retail unit had been enlarged by the landlord, without Building Regulations consent. The impact was that compartment sizes for the sales floor area and cavity barriers within the roof space did not meet with the technical requirements set out within the Building Regulations Approved Document B – Fire Safety. In addition, the means of escape travel distances had been exceeded; and there were questions being asked about the adequacy of the number of escape doors to match the anticipated peak occupancy density, which meant that occupants had further to travel to reach an escape door and the doors may not have been wide enough, or enough of them to allow the peak number of occupants through under a evacuation situation.

The Fire Safety Officer issued Fire Safety Enforcement notice on the store, requesting that three full time fire marshalls – exclusively on standby for in the event of a fire – were in attendance whilst the store was trading and that a sprinkler installation be installed to meet with the technical standards.

Tate Consulting were able to put together a robust fire safety strategy that met with the approval of the Local Fire Safety Officer and Local Building Control Officer that allowed B&M to immediately remove all three full time fire marshalls, and did not involve the installation of £250,000 of sprinkler installation.

Tate Consulting were able to demonstrate that the building occupants could safely evacuate from the building under a range of design fire scenarios with adequate safety margin. Using computer models, Tate Consulting were able to demonstrate that the required safe escape time (RSET) for the building occupants was considerably less than the available safe exit time (ASET), even with a considerable safety margin and under a range of design fire scenarios. In addition, we could demonstrate that the smoke layer depth or temperature did not create an untenable situation during the required safe exit and safety margin times.